Wuxi Fuxing Carpet Co. Ltd, established in 1992, is proud to be a professional manufacturer of modular carpets in China. We are also the pioneering manufacturer of Eco-Modular Carpet Tiles with Eco-Cushion Backing. Our production facilities use from abroad countries including USA,UK, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA & BELGUIM.
With over 27 years of experience producing modular carpets,we have been able to meet designers', specifiers', buyers' and end-users' requirements in terms of design, quality, durability,quantity and pricing in China as well as in markets as diverse as the USA, Canada, South East Asia, the Middle East, which mainly around 60 countries and regions of the world.
At prSesent, it has passed the ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14001 environmental certification,CE certification, a number of BS testing certificates,CRI testing certificates and other foreign certificates.We also have won the honer top ten of commercial carpet tile in China.
Environmental sustainability plays a strategic role in our business policy and decision-making. As an environmentally-responsible corporation, we are committed to on-going R&D, innovation and improvement of our products and manufacturing processes as well as the rigorous management of our supply chain to reduce or eliminate any adverse environmental impact.

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